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© Annikki Valomieli

© Annikki Valomieli

© Annikki Valomieli




for Aalto University is Get Kicks! Sneakers on year 2030 - a Futures Study. In fashion, forecasting the future is frequently based on designer’s gut feeling, even different forecasting techniques exist. Futures research has scientific methods to explore the possibilities of the future. This study examines, whether futures research tools bring new value to fashion trend forecasting. The study is divided into two chapters, where chapter one, Gold Mining, is focused on theoretical futures research and its analysis with a short introduction to futures research as a discipline; and chapter two, Casting the Future, is a practice-based documentation of the design process based on the results of the analysis from the futures exploration.

The theoretical research, a futures study for sneakers in the year 2030, is carried out using two classical futures research methods: Delphi technique and Scenario tools. During the research phase, a Delphi-study was conducted together with a group of experts from the fields of sneakers, footwear and material production and foresight. The results of the research analysis were then crystallized into three different future scenarios, shoe prototypes: Transitory Tabernacles, Binding Attractions and Dogma Bourgeois. In the end each shoe represents its own scenario with it’s concept, design and materials, and is in a way an illustration of a possible world of a sneaker in year 2030.


© Verna Kovanen

© Verna Kovanen



Studio Pulla is a surface design studio established on 2014 by Elina Peippo and me myself. Our style is vibrand and fresh, contemporary scandinavian design and it combines both classic and modern themes with curiosity, cunning and color play.

We plan our themes, moods and color charts together, partlt sketch together and individually carry out the final designs. Out patterns and other end products have lots in common and they click well, but the personal touch and the perspectives of us two give each design its uniqueness.

For Studio Pulla I not only do print design, I design also woven, knitted and bonded surfaces from our original print designs.